still cracks in everything

p1201973-3niederrhein, 2019

the archive

the archive

the north rhine westphalia state archive in duisburg’s inner harbour.

this is an ex-warehouse from the 1930s that got its dominant tower in 2014 by austrian architects ortner&ortner. the complete archive will be able to hold about 150 km of shelving.

it might be debatable whether the rather cold appearance of the building is well suited for a public institution (i doubt that) but i think it looks like a really cool fortress :)

eastbound bus

ghost bus…now loading.  (c.f. the 60s “horror” movie carnival of souls@1:10:32 (just click the time to jump right to the scene))


the hole


watch your steps.

cylon tower

cylon tower

a warm welcome by the cylons… this building is apparently supposed to house public service. that’s architecture i don’t really understand but nevertheless (or probably therefore) find fascinating. and i have to admit, the building in colour and bright light is not as intimidating as it might come across here… ;)

seen in venlo, the netherlands.