growing memory

growing memory “the memorial growing memory  was officially inaugurated during 2013’s remembrance service of the november 9th, 1938 destruction of the eberswalde synagogue […] the inner space cannot be entered – only the planted trees and further natural vegetation will fill the space of the former synagogue. over several years the trees and vegetation will rise above the memorial walls depicting the site of the former synagogue” (cf. dasdenkmaldergrauenbusse.de)

artists: horst hoheisel & andreas knitz

painted tree

painted tree

i liked the pastels here a lot… made in eberswalde earlier this year.

the trunks of trees are painted to prevent bark split due to sudden temperature changes in winter apparently. there is some evidence for this on the web e.g. over at the food and agriculture organization of the united nations

never going to get to france

to francebut at least i got to eberswalde, brandenburg, about 50km away from berlin.