P4140033venlo, the netherlands, 2018

diagonal world

P4145089an emergency exit, somewhere in the netherlands, 2017


DSC03581somewhere in noord-holland, 2017

dutch pride

DSC00802utrecht cs, the netherlands, 2017

three windows

pc273104detail of a former gas station in venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

it’s apparently not simply one former gas station but in fact the oldest still existing gas station building in the whole of the netherlands. it was built in 1933, is now part of the limburgs museum and can be rented as a meeting room.

modern jazz quartet – three windows (click, hear)


trompe l’œil

pc273121street art from venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

…and a big thank you to Ben Huberman for featuring me on wordpress’ very own discovery channel. i feel quite honoured and this feature really makes the statistics view sing :)



venlo, 2015