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a floppy from duisburg.

i like the style of this graffito a lot – accurate yet still very powerful strokes.

the archive

the archive

the north rhine westphalia state archive in duisburg’s inner harbour.

this is an ex-warehouse from the 1930s that got its dominant tower in 2014 by austrian architects ortner&ortner. the complete archive will be able to hold about 150 km of shelving.

it might be debatable whether the rather cold appearance of the building is well suited for a public institution (i doubt that) but i think it looks like a really cool fortress :)

this crane is not for you to climb

this cranefrom duisburg’s inner harbour.

the title of this post is probably a slightly more poetic rendering than the literal translation of this vintage german verboten-sign.

pigeonholed 2

pigeonholed 2
ok, this time it’s just about pigeons i promise.

this is again from duisburg and it was of course a lucky shot. i actually wanted to get the lamps pigeonholed into the window frames when the real pigeons suddenly turned up.

mossy rust

mossy rustor was it rusty moss? this is from the landschaftspark nord in duisburg.

going down

going down the very graphical stairs of a (defunct) blast furnace in duisburg am rhein. in german a ‘blast furnace’ is called ‘hochofen‘ and it really is quite ‘hoch’.



here comes the speech again…: i’m not really that much into cars but bla bla bla…

be that as it may, i found this beautiful porsche 911t in duisburg and couldn’t just idle along without taking a picture.


escalationthis is a detail of the sculpture tiger&turtle – magic mountain by heike mutter and ulrich genth in duisburg. i liked the backdrop a lot.