DSC07398berlin friedrichshain, 2019


DSC07365berlin friedrichshain, 2019

nico – wrap your troubles in dreams (click, hear)


another car, another place – niederrhein, 2019

driving home for christmas

somewhere between hannover and bielefeld, 2018

i’ll spare you the music…

could have been anywhere today

…but was montreal, canada, 2018

the well

dsc04528tübingen, 2016

“i guess everybody has their own thing that they yell into a well”

the brilliant bill callahan – the well (click, hear) – a “bill callahan” live version of the original “smog” song from the 2010 album rough travel for a rare thing

single point of failure

single point of failure

found in cologne on the photokina parking lot. it made a quite impressive sound, too.


wetrain drops in porto san giorgio, italy.

rain on lens

rain on lens

summer seems to take a break again here in berlin… the 20mm came in handy in our staircase just when i wanted to wipe my glasses. instead i took a shot of them.

and yes, the title of this post contains a reference to bill callahan.