hedgetag reinickendorf, 2021

space is the place

berlin reinickendorf, 2021

blue door

berlin charlottenburg, 2021

red band

berlin neukölln, 2021

this could be us

berlin friedrichshain, 2020


berlin oberschöneweide, 2020

window of opportunity

berlin pankow, 2020

wednesday blues

berlin mitte, 2020

chinese garage detail

berlin lichtenberg, 2020

chinese garage

berlin lichtenberg, 2020

dark age ii

berlin lichtenberg, 2020

a grey day at the beach

heringsdorf, 2020


ueckermünde, 2020

(still) closed

wolgast, 2020

is that all there is to a circus?

wolgast, 2020

pj harvey – is that all there is (click, hear)

dead end

DSC00863niederrhein, 2020

(believe it or not, i’ve only just now seen the mouse )

into the void

DSC09798this house does not exist anymore, berlin friedrichshain, 2020

a maior

DSC00370-Bearbeitetberlin schöneberg, 2020

reds vs. blues

DSC09310-Bearbeitetberlin treptow, 2020

lichtenberg lockdown

DSC09453-Bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2020