post modern

rostock, 2020


P4022183berlin, mitte, 2016

mmm 1973 (traces)

messe I

messe II

messe III

combined advertising/motivational/propaganda(?) material  from the messe der meister von morgen* (mmm) and the weltfestpiele der jugend und studenten** that have taken place 1973 in east-berlin, then capital of the gdr. apparently now used to shade a cellar from the sun? found in berlin mitte which indeed is part of east-berlin.

i somehow like the zooming-in effect here, but i’ll fully understand if you think that’s cheesy :)

*trade fair for the masters of tomorrow, the name of a yearly held youth science competition in the GDR

** world festival of youth and students (just for fun you could search the 1973 logo on the german wikipedia page and match it with the partial logo on the pictures here)


shine on you crazy flood light

flood lights (cross)

shot straight up with the m.zuiko 45mm at alexanderplatz, berlin. (lamp post series of course ;))


there once was this shop down in leipzig, where – it appears – there’s nothing to rhyme with, so i just stop it here…

but still there is this shop in leipzig where they do sell stuff from the good ol’ days in the german democratic republic but where they don’t like photographs to be taken. what a pity  because it’s quite a picturesque little shop. i got away with these two pictures though and i post them here anyway because i do not disclose the shop’s name or address. so these spoons could have been found anywhere (and maybe they were).