p9102211shadows in st. jean de luz, september, 2016

who’s got the cracks

dsc06869berlin friedrichshain, 2016

moldy peaches – who’s got the crack (click, hear)

if you’re waiting for a sign

DSC03898here are three…

berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

today – one year ago (I)

DSC03312-2duisburg, garten der erinnerung, 13.04.2015


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAconcrete, december, 2015

two times a day

P2230819this clock is correct…

neukölln, berlin, 2016

furniture moiré

furniture moiré

friedrichshain, berlin

the eyes have it

the eyes have it

from berlin, lichtenberg last week.

the reichstag may be closer than it appears

reichstag(part of) the berlin reichstag in the mirror of a motorcycle made in the gdr. the ‘schwalbe‘.

the garbage man can

the garbage man canseen on a christmas market in berlin. i found the concrete octagon quite picturesque.




or at least not really hieroglyphs… found at waterlooplein station, amsterdam. this is an artwork by dutch artist martijn engelbregt.

autumnal post II

autumnal post IIquite literally the next lamp post from potsdam griebnitzsee.

autumnal post

autumn posta classic autumnal lamp post shot made in potsdam griebnitzsee.


marsupial with pram

marsupials straight aheadfound in berlin kreuzberg.

coincidentally a kangaroo escaped from a private zoo just outside from berlin last weekend and is still missing…

and this pot of yellow is for Ashley of course :)


high profile

high profile

for actually not being into cars i was surprisingly happy to have stumbled upon this sight. a nice concrete wall and a beautiful black classic car in berlin moabit…

from what i was able to gather from wikipedia this car seems to be a buick riviera gs from the second riviera generation that was built between 1966 and 1970. it’s really impressive, don’t you think so?

i found this scenery on a my way home from work. due to construction works going on on the road it was necessary for the cars to park parallel to the lanes which made this shot possible at all. usually the cars have to park perpendicular to the road at this location. lucky me :)

haus 6

haus 6

haus 6 on campus griebnitzsee of the university of potsdam. a fresh take on brutalism at least on the inside…

balcon brutal


it looks quite mediterranean but it’s swabian. shot on a sunny day in tübingen a few weeks ago.

blue edge

blue edgetrovato all’aeroporto di ancona falconara. i thought it might be a suitable companion to the sculptural accident from the last post.

a single thought

a single thoughtfound in munich.


hard shadow

hard shadow

an abstract with concrete. and a lot of light.