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PB240812patrick wagner from gewalt, kulturbrauerei berlin, prenzlauer berg, 23.11.2018

if you’d like to see more of my concert photography – it’s just one click away here on flickr…

summer painter

summer painter

urk, the netherlands, summer 2014

i borrowed the title from one of bill callahan’s songs (click, hear) and i think it fits in at least two ways: first, in the song the painter also paints (names on) boats and secondly, we have visited a concert of bill callahan during our stay in the netherlands. it took place in a very nice open air theater in nijmegen that helped tremendously in creating the fantastic atmosphere during this concert.

while i’m at it, there are quite a lot of concert pictures to be found on my cncrt pctrs page. on the newer pictures there typically is also a flickr link available that takes you to the respective flickr gallery of this concert.

here’s one shot from the bill callahan concert in nijmegen and my first try to use the m.zuiko 40-150mm at concert photography. i was pleasantly surprised…



hailu mergia

hailu mergia [urban spree]

i took this photograph of ethiopian composer and piano player Hailu Mergia at a concert at Urban Spree last monday. i really like this picture a lot, though it has its share of compositional flaws. if you are interested in more pictures from this very concert and maybe a short review of it i recommend a quick stop over at fellow wordpress blog itsonlymusicbutlive.  i started contributing photos from and texts about concerts in berlin recently. while i’m at it you could of course also follow this cncrt pctrs link to see some more of my concert pictures.

he means it

he means it

that’s (a picture of a picture of) soul singer charles bradley – and he means it.

maybe you like to check out this live version of the world is going up in flames from a concert that i happen to have attended last february here in berlin (i’m in the video as well ;))

you can even find two pictures from the concert on my cncrts pctrs page just one click away.