colour blocking



a parking garage in delft, the netherlands.

(btw. uit means out and uitjes means onions)

upstract skyline

upstract skyline

from wedding, berlin.

i really like how that turned out :)

the awful german language


try to pronounce this!

just kidding – it’s of course an abbreviation. but i’m not sure whether that makes things any better – it stands for Warmwasserheizung über Kühlwasserumlauf oder Ölbefeuerung, selbstregelnd.

from the magnificent leipzig central station, june 2015

tempora mutantur

maybe it’s the autumn, too. the last time i noticed it, it was still green ;)

purple shade

purple shadefound in zossen, a city close to berlin. i assume the reasons why i liked this scenery are quite obvious.

train of colours

train of coloursshot shortly before arriving at bydgoszcz station on our way to gdańsk.

colour blobs (truck edition)

colour blobssome primaries from gdańsk again.


pastelspastelly architecture, shot not far away from the dutch border… (with the panaleica 25mm again)

the wall

the wallthis was also shot in copenhagen last weekend. these walls are almost everywhere in the city because they are used to hide the construction sites behind them. i really dig their soothing green.

as you might have noticed already in the last post, i was going quite wide in copenhagen. i hadn’t used the 14mm let alone the conversion lens for a good while*. so it was a real pleasure using this combination again.

*with the exception of the spring breakout three weeks ago

nature vs.

nature vs.picture made in nørrebro, copenhagen this weekend.


another texel barn. taken on the dutch island of texel this summer. shot at 150mm with the m.zuiko 40-150mm.



seen on a dutch ferry. the door was locked – no it wasn’t.

human stains

human stains

the carpeting in a lovely leipzig café (and parts of two legs):  another take on colour blocking. shot with the lumix 20mm in very dim light.

container love

these pictures were taken at the defunct airport tempelhof in the heart of berlin. the containers have been used as weather barrier to separate the conference area of the campus party from the (ex-)flight field. the containers are gone now. the stripes will probably stay for a while…

shot with the m.zuiko 40-150mm and the lumix 14mm with gwc-1 conversion lens attached.

düsseldorf doors (and windows)

the windows



blue in the face

all shot with the 20mm in d’dorf flingern around beethovenstrasse in june.


i just happen to have visited different gyms lately. if i had known about all this graphical stuff back then i might have enjoyed gym class a bit more ;)

 i like the lines and the blocks of colour  in these pictures. shot in nettetal and berlin with the 20mm and the 45mm.

walking the dog

walking the dog

berlin, friedrichshain in july (and not november) 2012

btw. this is my 100th post and to mark this occasion: people! (actually i just wanted to get the yellow car in front of the blue house but then these three guys came along and they really gave the composition more balance)

somebody’s watching you

somebody’s watching you

… while inconspicuously devouring a container thingy.

green white red

green white red

white black green

black white green

some corroded metal very loosely related to the european football championship final… (ok, i’m late i admit it)

the black in the pictures is the river havel by the way… maybe i lost a bit detail in the shadows… ;)

side window

side window

another one from the ever progressing window series. this is obviously not a window in a house but in a customized mercedes transporter (most probably a 608d, i forgot to check). i liked the complementary colours.