quality time

berlin lichtenberg, 2022

a blue million miles

DSC08326-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2020

captain beefheart – her eyes are a blue million miles (click, hear)

an eye for an – wait… what?

PB040124berlin friedrichshain, 2017

bipartite tripartite

P2032037-Bearbeitet-2prononciation française préférée, niederrhein, 2019

käpt’n kollage

dsc07470an accidental collage found in friedrichshain, berlin, 2016

massiere leicht

massiere leicht

an accidental collage found last year in the ex-opernwerkstätten berlin mitte.

i have to admit that it’s completely unclear to me what the text snippet is about. it sounds a bit like a recipe but actually i have no idea…

lock me if you can

a quite typical door in a berlin altbau (lit. just “old building” but typically means a building built between the 1890s and 1949). what’s missing here is the brazen “hardware”. i liked that it looked a bit like a collage made in the 1920s.