blue sunday

berlin wedding, 2021

fist on fist

berlin kreuzberg, 2020


P5092257-Bearbeitetberlin lichtenberg, 2020

locked out

DSC09923berlin friedrichshain, 2020

it’s not easy being green

rtanj, serbia, 2019

logging framework

rtanj, serbia, 2019

down by the water

DSC00063-2berlin friedrichshain, 2019

pj harvey – down by the water (click, hear)


dsc08515niederrhein, 2018

moon child sheep


shortly after the moonrise, den burg, texel, 2017

i made some cheap sheep imitation sounds to keep the sheep’s attention for the 2 seconds of exposure. maybe i should have tried the following classic moon song in the first place: fields of the nephilim – moonchild (click, hear)


DSC01420-2i tried to make lemon juice but i ended up with this picture…

berlin friedrichshain, 2017

tramli to triemli

P5156326zürich, switzerland, 2017

baywatch (detail)

DSC00559yellow essentials at the beach of dishoek, the netherlands, 2017

the dent

DSC01321lichtenberg, berlin, 2016

yellow door

P4253173berlin, charlottenburg, 2016

this cloud was thrown

this cloud was thrown

if you are familiar with the graphical language of verbo-visual narratives (i.e. comics) you will have seen it already. otherwise you shouldn’t bother with the thrown ;)

taken on the dutch island of texel with the m.zuiko 40-150mm zoom.