camp orange

PB300431berlin friedrichshain, 2019

kalter apparat ii

kalterapparatniederrhein, 2019

der kalte apparat

PC050503-Bearbeitetberlin friedrichshain, 2019

friends of gas – kalter apparat (click,hear)


PB260347berlin neukölln, 2019

silver lips

DSC07658st. malo, france

we’re going in!

niederrhein, 2019

rose royce – car wash (click, hear)


st. petersburg, 2018


another car, another place – niederrhein, 2019


dsc08345-2another blue car in the snow – tübingen, 2018

the hood

dsc08334-2tübingen, 2018

polish polo

DSC06904from poznań in poland, 2018

panthera onca

DSC05852berlin wedding, 2018



P4220395reflection of art, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

the dark (in park)

DSC04208berlin neukölln, 2018

separation of concerns

P4021179blinkenlights from tübingen, 2018

curtain closed

DSC00650on being blue like a curtain, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

some more brown in some other town

P4265456-Bearbeitetköln, 2017


P3170784-Bearbeitetwinter is making a comeback, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

some brown in town


berlin friedrichshain, 2018

if anybody has an idea what brand this car is, please comment. i did forget to check…

EDIT: tumblr user grischa808 provided me with the solution: it’s a toyota corolla E110 3-door hatchback (ca. 1995) – and if you don’t believe that – believe wikipedia!

reflections and leaves

DSCF6939berlin friedrichshain, 2017