cardboard city

P1161416berlin charlottenburg, 2020

at the corner

DSC08557-2friedrichshain/prenzlauer berg, berlin, 2020


rtanj, serbia, 2019

on the grid

rtanj, serbia, 2019


dsc06801-bearbeitetpoznań, poland, 2018

where am i?

where am i?

since i am on holiday at the moment i thought i could auto-post this little riddle. and no, i am not on vacation behind the shelves at the office. this picture should only serve as a hint at my current whereabouts. and here is one more: it’s neither russia nor france.

i’m looking forward to your guesses solutions in the comment section :)

a streetcar named entangle

where holtei- and boxhagenerstrasse meet, the streetcar cables form this  diamond shaped entanglement. i suppose one can see this at every other crossroads but here i found the background quite ok. this was shot with the om zuiko 50mm again at f2.8. i had to remove severe purple fringing on the cables (but that is really easy). the vignette is of course artificial as the 50mm does not vignette even a bit.