house of love

hannover, 2022

the house of love – shine on (click, hear)

blue on the roof

berlin kreuzberg, 2022

last exit

…brutalism, rtanj, serbia, 2019

always… brutalism

P6060655spitteleck, berlin mitte, 2018

if you’re waiting for a sign

DSC03898here are three…

berlin, friedrichshain, 2016

tree vs. brutalism

DSC02807the tree wins – at least this time.

kreuzberg, berlin, 2016


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAconcrete, december, 2015

furniture moiré

furniture moiré

friedrichshain, berlin

haus 6

haus 6

haus 6 on campus griebnitzsee of the university of potsdam. a fresh take on brutalism at least on the inside…

balcon brutal


it looks quite mediterranean but it’s swabian. shot on a sunny day in tübingen a few weeks ago.

under the edge

under the edgeanother one looking up… this time berlin moabit again.  i like the reflections of the clear blue sky.

brutal summer

brutal summer I

the most brutal part seems to be over now, but it was really hot here in berlin. this is moabit.

brutal summer II