could have been anywhere today

…but was montreal, canada, 2018

les gouttes canadiennes

P7240277montreal looks better in the rain than a lot of other cities in the sunshine, canada, 2018

the pole

the polesome reds from cologne.

bialy styl

bialy styl

taken with the legacy om zuiko 100mm at f4. i like the rendering of this lens very much but the focal length (which of course gets doubled on m43) is still quite difficult for me. it often feels like you have a long stick poking out of the camera and you have to be very careful when moving around… and this is not to say that the lens itself is too big. in fact it is quite small but it’s a bit on the hefty side.

btw: bialy styl or Biały Styl actually seems to be a hiphop band from poland.

how the west was won

last weekend i was on a family visit at the niederrhein and tried some almost landscapey stuff.

needle in the hay

bee in the barley or fly in the rye


this was all quite fun but i also learned of an (quite unimportant) ugliness of the otherwise really nice m.zuiko 40-150mm, namely very harsh bokeh wide open when focused to infinity…

bokeh not okeh (150mm@5.6)

to end with a bit more pleasant picture at least bokeh-wise here comes a frog shot with the manual zuiko 100mm f2.8 lens at most probably f4 (and still some heavy cropping).

froggy notion