winter’s black

berlin friedrichshain, 2023


rostock (of course), 2020 (edit: if you don’t see a picture in the wordpress reader… it’s not me, it’s them :-) )

(edit2: without further action on my side on this post the picture is now visible in the reader, too… ­čĄö)

the regular berlin programme is starting again soon…

many descriptions

DSC08476somewhat work related, t├╝bingen, 2018

to rococo rot feat. arto lindsay – many descriptions (click, hear)

the garbage man can

P7230160montreal, canada, 2018

the simpsons – the garbage man can (click,hear) ok, that was really obvious :-)

the dark (in park)

DSC04208berlin neuk├Âlln, 2018

black hole sun

DSC00040berlin friedrichshain, 2018

ramin djawadi – black hole sun (click, hear)


DSCF6946berlin friedrichshain, 2017