berlin wedding

oozing emotion

oozing emotion

i don’t know what happened here but i was told to go away. seen in wedding again.

the title of this post is borrowed/inspired/stolen from the chap.

don’t push the button

except of course you do need the light…

seen in berlin wedding again.

on a technical note: this shot was done with the panaleica 25mm lens which i received yesterday. of course this is not a subject where you need such a lens. but after a little bit of shooting of a variety of subjects i’m not yet convinced that i will keep it. i have to do further testing and especially a bit of comparison work with my trusty lumix 20mm. maybe the e-pl1 is not a very good fit for that lens. what i can tell already is the obviously brillant build quality. and it does look gorgeous with its nice rectangular lens hood.

if you are interested in a very well-written report on this issue, head over to tyson’s post about the panaleica.

saddle, shoes

shoes and saddle

… and the nozzle of a watering can (yes, and bricks and a baby plane and a sock).

seen in wedding again. there’s apparently always something photogenic when i visit this backyard.

wanna ride?

wanna ride?

it might get a bit rough, though. shot with the 20mm lumix in wedding again.


about a week ago i’ve finally received the olympus m.zuiko 45mm f1.8 lens from amazon germany. i want to show some test shots here to demonstrate what this lens is (at least) capable of. i’m using it on the already venerable olympus e-pl1. i guess the autofocus performance will be better on the newer (e-p(l)3 and e-pm1) models.  after some trials to shoot portraits wide open i think that a better autofocus performance and probably the possibility to program focusing on the eyes or even on the closer eye would help tremendously if it’s not a formal portrait session. this is due to the really thin depth of field the 90mm equivalent deliver at f1.8.  i think i will find out about the benefits of a faster autofocus probably next year ;)

as always there are no people here, so if you are looking for genuine portrait examples  i cannot help you here. but i still hope that you enjoy what i have. if you click on the images you will find a bigger version (though not original size) if you are interested in a little pixel peeping. i don’t see any flaws with the image quality of the lens by the way. it’s tack sharp, there is no vignetting or at least a lot less than on the lumix 20mm, the amount of chromatic aberration is neglectable, it has good contrast and the bokeh is very nice in most situations. but i think a lens hood might prove helpful in bright light but that’s practically true of all lenses.

bar (f2.2)

lampion (f1.8)

2 mannequins (f1.8)

2 mannequins 2 (f1.8)

lonely guitar (f1.8)

bruschetta semplice (f1.8)

window frames (f2.5)

continental (f1.8)

nails (f1.8)

the lab (f1.8)

the disappointed tree (f1.8)

berlin wedding photography (not what you might think)

i always wanted to be a wedding photographer*, and hey, in berlin there is a really easy way to be one.
i happened to visit good friends of mine in the berlin borough of wedding and found these two fine ensembles in their hinterhof.

blue chair

robert redpot

*not true btw.