with holes

P9080890barcelona, 2018


barcelona, 2018

against amnesia (2018)

as usual a little retrospective will conclude the year here on .documenting.the.obvious. thanks a lot to all visitors new and especially all the regular ones! without you it would be only half (at most) the fun :-)

have a good 2019!

because of the huge success (*cough*) of my “best of the year spotify playlist” last year, i’ll continue with this new tradition as if nothing happened. i know spotify might not be the ideal medium for this but i think at the moment it’s the best one available. but i’m open for suggestions of course!


this blog will have resumed normal operations most probably by the end of next week.


they might come in handy

barcelona, 2018

pan con tomate

P9080929barcelona, 2018


barcelona, 2018

keep(ing) on trucking

P9080930barcelona, 2018

some travelling has to be done… .documenting.the.obvious will probably have resumed normal operations by the end of the week…

sie konnten beisammen nicht kommen

P9070790zwei königskinder, barcelona, 2018

ahead of the curve

P9091026-2or already behind it? barcelona, 2018

common people

P9080962barcelona, 2018

william shatner – common people (click,hear)


P9070722barcelona, 2018

(blau, adj.: catalan & german for blue)

on not going full circle

P9091003barcelona, 2018



leaving home

leaving homeanother one from barcelona (yes, it was quite rainy then)


watery crown

watery crownmade in barcelona quite a while ago. found while flipping through the “archive”.

the shadow of the egg

the shadow of the egg

avinguda de la catedral,  barcelona (weather was fine back then…)



the museu d’art contemporani de barcelona (and a bird)

something fishy

anchovies (boxhagener platz, berlin)

merluza/hake (mercat de la boquerìa, barcelona)

palamut/atlantic bonito (üsküdar, istanbul)

the fishmongers in barcelona (and in istanbul and probably in most fish markets of the world) expose the gills of their goods to show its freshness. i’ve never seen this in germany, but i would guess that this habit would not really be appreciated by most of the customers here…

the istanbul photo was taken with the venerable lx-3 quite a while ago. the merluza was captured last year and the anchovies are still quite fresh…