doing the dishes

berlin neukölln, 2022

i see a red floor

♫ berlin wedding, 2021 ♫

sunday blues

schwedenhaus, berlin hansaviertel, 2020

der puschel

berlin, wedding, 2020

rule of thirds

and a birch, berlin, wedding, 2020

balcony in agony

PB300464-Bearbeitet-Bearbeitet-2berlin lichtenberg, 2019

up again

_a311083-bearbeitetberlin, moabit, 2016

up (again)

up (again)

and again from berlin kreuzberg…

art accidentelle

art accidentellehanging out to dry in wedding, berlin.



a balcony in the emtpy house in the neighbourhood. in fact it is the house that has its backyard renovated. i liked the muted colour palette and of course the paint peel (is that actually a word? paint peel?)

let it burn

let it burni guess someone likes to play with fire…

shot from my office’s kitchen window the other day.