art is hard

art is harda classic subject in street photography: the carrying man.

some excellent street photography (and of course other carrying people) can be found just one click away at

this was shot in düsseldorf some weeks ago.


escalationthis is a detail of the sculpture tiger&turtle – magic mountain by heike mutter and ulrich genth in duisburg. i liked the backdrop a lot.

art accidentelle

art accidentellehanging out to dry in wedding, berlin.

the mechanic

the mechanicworks in essen, ruhr.



or at least not really hieroglyphs… found at waterlooplein station, amsterdam. this is an artwork by dutch artist martijn engelbregt.

night watch

night watchrembrandt’s De compagnie van kapitein Frans Banninck Cocq en luitenant Willem van Ruytenburgh maakt zich gereed om uit te marcheren in the rijksmuseum, amsterdam.

this picture is quite unusual for me because it has people in it. lots of people, even painted people. it won’t happen again soon.

parking lot

parking lot in the skythe anwohnerpark (local residents park) by the office for subversive architecture osa in cologne.

be careful at the edge!




the landschaps-zonneproject by piet slegers, 1979

i pushed the lights a bit so the metal triangle in the foreground gets completely white and looks a bit like been cut-out of the picture.

for fellow blogger ag.

low profile

low profile

what a great piece! don’t you think so?  found in naunynstrasse, berlin kreuzberg. i like the weathered look a lot and the palette of this scene made my day.

nature study

naturstudiewhat a great idea! between a lot of (interesting!) ancient roman and greek sculptures suddenly this piece (nature study, 1984) by the great louise bourgeois struck us! hats off to the ny carlsberg glyptotek in copenhagen. we are absolutely thrilled.

and why do i always have to think of henry mancini when i look at this photo? ;)

photography playground (part 2)

some more pictures from my first visit at the om-d photography playground. this time i included some of the exhibits as well as the location. i think all of the pictures have been taken with the om-d and the kit lens (12-50mm). please have a look at the gramophone needle. this was taken at iso6400. i think the quality is quite amazing.

the playground was closed last friday by the way. i hope there will be some similar projects coming.


handbagsafter (very) little research i found out that this sculpture by berlin-based artist joachim schmettau had been away for restoration (and if you have a look at the wikipedia page linked above you can see why this was good idea) and those were the days when it was put back into its place at altonaer strasse, berlin tiergarten. it’s descriptively adequately called hand mit uhr and was made in 1975.



this is a detail of a sculpture in berlin tiergarten. it was part of the internationale bauaustellung 1957 and has no name. the artist on the other hand does have a name: hans uhlmann

this was shot with my pentacon six on kodak 400 tmax at most probably f4 with the carl zeiss jena biometar 80mm lens.

kugeln is balls in english.

the tongue

a light installation under a bridge at the end of kaskelstrasse, berlin lichtenberg. i always thought of it as a giant tongue but a passerby planted another interpretation into my head by asking what i thought it was – a tongue or a red blood cell. what do you think? i’m still going with tongue…

(shot with both the m.zuiko 45mm and the panaleica 25mm (and a tripod))


possibly visitors of the festival of lights that’s taking place this week in berlin?

.documenting .documenta

today was the last day of the documenta 13. documenta is the largest exhibition of contemporary art of the world taking place every five years in the city of kassel. and it is literally taking place all over kassel which is kind of fun. of course there are museums participating but there is a huge park in the center of kassel (karlsaue) that is packed with interesting stuff and empty or abandoned buildings that serve as a gallery or are just in itself a big project (hugenottenhaus).

of course we only managed to see a small part of all the exhibits but it was great fun and we are already looking forward to 2017 ;)

i won’t comment on the single pictures but just leave you with these rather impressionistic views.

berlin street art (again)

abstract bike lane (mitte)

captcha (p’berg)

mice liberation club (f’hain)

the brain (f’hain)

get up, stand up (f’hain, alias)

colorless ideas (p’berg, el bocho)

scream (kreuzberg)

hey, what’s wrong with you? (f’hain)

still crying? (f’hain)

strike? (f’hain)


got it (f’hain)


in the hood (f’hain, alias)

sweat shop (f’hain, owys)

portraiture (f’hain)

the same from afar (for size information)

profile (f’hain, peter phobia)

sad mattress (yes, this is a full fledged mattress bound to a pole at a height of about 3 meters…, f’hain)

third eye (f’hain)

i guess the appropriate term for this bag of stuff here would be “mixed media”.

it’s such a pleasure walking through berlin if you are interested in street art. you can find something on every corner literally. and the quality is definitely high above your average tagging. that’s not to say everything you can find here is exciting, but of course i won’t show the uninteresting stuff here (yet).

all these were shot in berlin friedrichshain, mitte, kreuzberg and prenzlauer berg… (it could be more exact, couldn’t it?) the lenses i’ve used are the lumix 20mm, the m.zuiko 45mm and the om zuiko 100mm. can you guess which picture was taken with which lens? i think i couldn’t.

if anyone can provide me with the names of the artists, i’d happily include them here (some are quite obvious, i know…)

and if you should be interested in more pictures… i coincidentally have a few other posts tagged with this topic right here … or you could check out morgan’s recent post.