art filter

rectangles (across the street)


shot with the e-p5 and the 45mm while visiting gdańsk last week.

cylon tower

cylon tower

a warm welcome by the cylons… this building is apparently supposed to house public service. that’s architecture i don’t really understand but nevertheless (or probably therefore) find fascinating. and i have to admit, the building in colour and bright light is not as intimidating as it might come across here… ;)

seen in venlo, the netherlands.

to walk a tightrope


for walking a tightrope you need one in the first place… here they are manufactured – at least for a german walk on the tightrope which is commonly referred to as a drahtseilakt (lit.: wire-rope act). i wish this would have been a bit more self-explanatory, but that’s the thing with languages…

this small company is located in süchteln a small town quite close to the small town quite close to the dutch border where i grew up and i remember that building always triggered my attention when we drove by. yesterday i finally shot it.

(not exactly) rocket science

(not exactly) rocket science

a university building in tübingen. most probably physics…

keep it small and simple (and anthropomorphic)

gentle grater (milde reibe)

the grater was just hanging on the wall and gazing out of the window…

taken a while ago with the lumix 20mm lens and the “grainy film” art filter on the e-pl1.