(almost) monochrome



two walls, one window from elizabeth castle, st. helier, jersey.

decision problem

decision problem

another one from the (narrow) streets of st. malo, france.

seeing red

seeing red

another one from the rio filmpalast in munich.



found in friedrichshain, berlin

lamp post

classic lamp post

a classic subject featured on this blog: the lamp post 

this time from right behind the ostbahnhof, berlin, friedrichshain.

cloud scraping


happy rotterdam, to have such giant mirrors.

this is a quite old picture (made with the lx-3) that i found on the bottom of my drafts list. i found it interesting enough to put it on top of this very list again :)



a cemetery gate and a cemetery tree from the town where my sister lives.

red flag

red flag

waving at ostkreuz, friedrichshain.

tender loving care

tender loving carewas probably given behind this door when this part of beelitz heilstätten was still operational as a hospital.


emptytaken at the abcouder meer, abcoude, the netherlands this summer. i guess john todaro was an inspiration to dig this out of the archive now.

and it fits somehow the ‘three of us’ from yesterday :)



another one from kreuzberg and another one on kodak elitechrome 400 slide film shot with my girlfriend’s nikon f55.

monday morning found tom miserable


shot on a sunday on the polish east coast of the island of usedom. this is part of the ferry from ystad to świnoujście.

i would be lying if i said i hadn’t thought of gursky here, but this is of course a completely different genre…

i like yellow things

i like yellow thingsdelft, the netherlands, summer 2014

if you like yellow things, too,  you should definitely give a listen to Tiel Faulkner’s song about it (click, hear). the song is from the very impressive ‘american song-poem anthology’  that sports a lot of very interesting songs from the sixties and early seventies that had small to no audience in their respective times. be warned however because allmusic.com states the record will ‘appeal more to hipster know-it-alls than the average consumer‘.

q.e.d. :)




floating in a kreuzberg backyard.

in fact this is not a real jellyfish but a so called ‘endverzweiger’ (or EVz). this is the demarcation point of the public telephone system and the private wiring in the connected house.

just in case you’re interested :)

underground overground

underground overground

a berlin u-bahn on its way to bülowstrasse. shot in the quite new gleisdreieckpark.

ethereal on regent street

ethereal on regent street

taken while heading to oxford circus at night last week. i like the double reflection here and it helps a lot that the mannequin is of the more abstract kind.

i’m quite sure you can expect some more pictures from london here in the next time.


dominointernationales handelszentrum (international trace center) at friedrichstrasse in berlin mitte. built in the gdr between 1976 and 1978 by the kajima corporation.


blue edge

blue edgetrovato all’aeroporto di ancona falconara. i thought it might be a suitable companion to the sculptural accident from the last post.


follow mefound on the other side of the ostkreuz in lichtenberg again.

concrete accordion

concrete accordionfound in friedrichshain.