berlin street art (again)

abstract bike lane (mitte)

captcha (p’berg)

mice liberation club (f’hain)

the brain (f’hain)

get up, stand up (f’hain, alias)

colorless ideas (p’berg, el bocho)

scream (kreuzberg)

hey, what’s wrong with you? (f’hain)

still crying? (f’hain)

strike? (f’hain)


got it (f’hain)


in the hood (f’hain, alias)

sweat shop (f’hain, owys)

portraiture (f’hain)

the same from afar (for size information)

profile (f’hain, peter phobia)

sad mattress (yes, this is a full fledged mattress bound to a pole at a height of about 3 meters…, f’hain)

third eye (f’hain)

i guess the appropriate term for this bag of stuff here would be “mixed media”.

it’s such a pleasure walking through berlin if you are interested in street art. you can find something on every corner literally. and the quality is definitely high above your average tagging. that’s not to say everything you can find here is exciting, but of course i won’t show the uninteresting stuff here (yet).

all these were shot in berlin friedrichshain, mitte, kreuzberg and prenzlauer berg… (it could be more exact, couldn’t it?) the lenses i’ve used are the lumix 20mm, the m.zuiko 45mm and the om zuiko 100mm. can you guess which picture was taken with which lens? i think i couldn’t.

if anyone can provide me with the names of the artists, i’d happily include them here (some are quite obvious, i know…)

and if you should be interested in more pictures… i coincidentally have a few other posts tagged with this topic right here … or you could check out morgan’s recent post.