st. petersburg, 2018

lost in k

berlin txl, 2018

fly me to the moon


or paris will probably do, too.
aéroport de paris charles-de-gaulle, 2018

there’s a shadow hanging over me

sankt petersburg, russia, 2018

red frame

PA120993-2tegel airport, berlin, 2017


P7040004tegel airport, berlin, 2017


p1203718…with a 20mm lens :)

saarbrücken, january 2017

green arrow

p1203749saarbrücken, january 2017


p1203756saarbrücken, january 2017

through the shields II

dsc04396-bearbeitet-2harping on yesterday’s theme…

stuttgart, august, 2016

out of space out of time

out of space out of timefrom heathrow airport last spring. i like how the button sticks out of the space-time continuum.

rites of passage

rite of passagee.g. taking a picture at an airport… this time: the tiny airport of saarbrücken in the mist.

tegel dancing

these were taken a while ago at airport berlin-tegel while waiting for the plane to arrive. i took those handheld with the panasonic lx-3 and i doubt that i could do this with my  e-pl1, due to the only so-so-effectiveness of the stabilizer. (but i sincerely hope i’ll be able to do it with the e-pl5 or its successor some day ;))

container love

these pictures were taken at the defunct airport tempelhof in the heart of berlin. the containers have been used as weather barrier to separate the conference area of the campus party from the (ex-)flight field. the containers are gone now. the stripes will probably stay for a while…

shot with the m.zuiko 40-150mm and the lumix 14mm with gwc-1 conversion lens attached.