berlin wedding photography (not what you might think)

i always wanted to be a wedding photographer*, and hey, in berlin there is a really easy way to be one.
i happened to visit good friends of mine in the berlin borough of wedding and found these two fine ensembles in their hinterhof.

blue chair

robert redpot

*not true btw.

springtime for werder (havel)

in february i had the opportunity to help a friend with a house moving. that happened in werder (havel)** and it was the first time for me to visit this town east of potsdam.  the weather was great and even if it was still quite cold it felt a lot like spring. i was told, though, that some days after the move all the water that can be seen on the pictures was frozen and one could even reach the island (which btw. is the meaning of the word “werder”) with the old town by walking over the ice, brrrr.

** havel is the river or rather the river system that also includes the wannsee



on my way to work i often cross the beusselbrücke at s-bahn station beusselstrasse. one has a nice view from the bridge.  this view gets even nicer when one has a telephoto lens at hand and haze is rising in the morning.

view from beusselbrücke (in eastern direction)

after this one i tried to concentrate on the lamp posts nearby and voilá

lamp posts from beusselbrücke

even the view from the s-bahn platform itself is not too bad

view from platform s-bahn beusselstrasse

all pictures were taken with the e-pl1 and the 4/3 zuiko 40-150mm.  except the following that i took quite a while ago with my lx3

square^3 at s beusselstrasse