haiku for high key

first springtime** morning:
the mirror I stare into
shows my father’s face.

Murakami Kijo

on a technical note: do you notice the heavy vignetting of the lumix 20mm? of course the subject and the contrast enhancement do worsen the thing. fortunately, i happen to like vignetting.

**i have adapted Murakami Kijo’s haiku for springtime. He preferred autumn but for vain calendaric reasons i switched the seasons (even if i do clearly understand that autumn is better suited for the topic of the poem)

cologne classics

sorry, no really instant classics here…

last friday i had the chance to take some pictures in cologne. the dom, of course! but also (right behind the dom) the lucchetti dell’amore/love padlocks/liebesschloesser on hohenzollernbruecke caught my attention. later we did some strolling south of the quite new kranhaus area and went to the forum fuer fotografie to see the impressive “tokyo compression” exhibition by michael wolf.

all pictures were taken with the lumix 20mm and my e-pl1. there was not even a hint of the existence of the sun on friday (which was the complete opposite on thursday of course or at least that’s  what we have been told ;))

one swallow* does not make a summer

but a “duo” might do… (but probably not in february, though)

simson duo (cropped, iso too high…)

the pictured vehicle was used in the gdr by handicapped people that were either not able anymore and therefore/or  not allowed to drive a full fledged car like a trabant or something even more fancy.

* many parts of the shown vehicle are from a motorbike called “schwalbe” (i.e. the bird swallow) in german.

windmill on my mind

this was seen shortly after sunset in charlottenburg, berlin.



tiny reminder:  it’s still winter in berlin…



these birds have flown

seen in restaurant transit in berlin, friedrichshain (the food is great, too)

cages in transit (restaurant in berlin, friedrichshain)