don’t look back in anger (this time for real!)

i used the title of this post already in 2015… but this time it’s for real! 2020 – i don’t give a penny…

not everything was bad of course, far from it… i just kind of don’t feel like writing about it here. let’s simply hope for the best next year.

thanks a lot to my friendly followers, the likable likers and the regular regulars! it still is only fun because you are here! i hope to see you all safe, healthy and in good spirit again on the other side.

have a good one!

cheers, peter

…and instead of a playlist – here is my honourable mention for song of the year: “the burning hell – i want to drink in a bar” (don’t miss out on this!):


  1. 2020 has been a fine vintage for your photography. I continue to enjoy your work and the seeds of inspiration it sows! I don’t know how long I’ve been following your site but each year I think your work has gone from strength to strength. I hope all is well with you and that you have a creative 2021.
    The song and video are great. Some rather dapper dancing and nice comfy slippers. What more could we want to round off a difficult year?
    Thanks for sharing your work. Take good care and keep safe.
    Best wishes from a sub zero Sheffield

    1. Thanks so much, Nigel! I’ve tried to find out since when we are wordpress acquaintances but the wordpress ui does only allow seeing followers up to february 5th 2017… which is a joke… but after a little digging in my mail archive I found that you started following on July 7th in 2012 :-D

      thanks a lot for your very kind and super encouraging words.
      and great that you’ve enjoyed the song. i often find me humming it along…

      have a good 2021 and keep safe yourself!

      best wishes from an almost kind of snowy Berlin… (but it’s already melting away)

      1. 2012! How time flies… :-)
        Yesterday I mentioned to a fellow blogger that one of my favourite Jim Jarmusch films is Paterson. I quoted from the DVD packaging where it says ‘The film quietly observes the triumphs and defeats of daily life along with the poetry evident in the smallest details.’
        Responding now to your comment and considering your work it seemed that you quietly observe the world with your camera and also find visual poetry in those small details!
        Having left the Paterson comments yesterday I treated myself to another viewing and enjoyed how the film is beautifully crafted and can take you away from the noise of the world into a place of reflection and observation where perhaps the small things matter just as much as the large. Where in the everyday there are touches of gentle humour too.
        I no doubt banged on about the film when it came out in 2016 but if you haven’t seen it I can highly recommend it and if you have seen it it really stands up to repeat viewings. The film has great visual poetry as well as the written word. It is unhurried and for some people I’m sure too slow and un-hollywood!
        Anyway, once again thanks for sharing your great photographs and the inspiration they bring.
        Have a healthy and creative 2021
        Very best wishes :-)

      2. Hi Nigel,
        thanks so much again for you kind(est) comments. The visual poetry notion resonates a lot!
        I loved Paterson when I watched it in 2016 and it’s a very good idea to re-watch it. Maybe especially in these times. Time to get out the DVD again :-)
        Have yourself a healthy and creative 2021, too!
        Best wishes back from Berlin,

      3. Cheers.
        Another film which never hit the headlines and was missed by many is a film called Smoke. Staring William Hurt, Forest Whitaker, Harvey Keitel, Stockard Channing and others. It’s a beautifully observed film with great characters and a big heart. When I saw it at the cinema when it was released many years ago in the nineties it made my world feel a bit better! There is a lovely scene, which I won’t say much about, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy where the character played by Harvey Kietel talks about his camera and his project! So that is my mid winter warmer film recommendation…
        Take good care and stay safe :-)

    1. haha, yeah, i frequent bars only rarely, too, to be honest but i really dig that song :-)
      glad you like the review collection. i always like putting it together because then i notice again what i had apparently noticed already before. that feels nice :-)

  2. Thanks Peter for brightening this awful year with the fruits of your vision. Let’s hope that the coming year brings more to be happy and thankful for.

  3. Tausend Dank & Thank you so much for documenting the obvious day by day. I love it. 2020 war ein Knaller(foto)jahr. Möge es so weitergehen. Ich bin gespannt! Ein gesundes interessant gewöhnliches 2021 wünscht Daniel

    1. Hey Daniel, ich wünsch Dir auch genau so ein Jahr!
      Vielen lieben Dank für die Blumen und ich bin auch gespannt :-)
      Besten Gruß aussem Hain,

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