sunday blues

berlin, hansaviertel, 2020


  1. I posted a variety of Interbau photos on Saturday for this week, and almost commented here when I saw yours. I forget to complete my postings for the week so had to scramble this morning to finish it out, and used my version of this same shot. Unintentional, but way too similar 😁 Tomorrow’s is similar but Door 4 instead. Thanks for the unconscious inspiration!

    1. Hi David, yes, I guess the possibilities of framing this subject are a bit limited if you want to have the entire entry in the frame :-D
      Hansaviertel is quite photogenic isn’t it? I have some pictures of the staircases of the schwedenhaus as well… let’s see whether they will make it to the blog…
      Best wishes!

      1. My wife and I spent several hours wandering through Hansaviertel on our last day in Berlin, quite wonderful! Upon our return we found out one of our friends here in Portland had worked on this building during its design.

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