rostock (of course), 2020 (edit: if you don’t see a picture in the wordpress reader… it’s not me, it’s them :-) )

(edit2: without further action on my side on this post the picture is now visible in the reader, too… 🤔)

the regular berlin programme is starting again soon…


  1. Your edit was correct. I cannot see an image in the reader!!! When my post went up today the reader appeared to lose one of the images. I redited the post by re-centring the image which was still there and it then appeared in the reader!! I’ve no idea why WordPress changed to the awful block editor but it appears to be causing lots of issues for people whose blogs are mainly images.

    1. hmmm, the centering really seems to have an effect! that’s strange… do you have an idea whether it is possible to define a standard for posts? So now I always want to post ‘centered’ and ‘full size’ and I can’t find an option to persist that choice somewhere…
      thanks a lot for the hint!
      (and yes, the block editor is still a bit wonky apparently)

      1. It’s most peculiar. I always centre each image and even when I returned and re-centred the image it was as it just going back in and re-editing was enough to jolt something into life. I suspect I could have just edited a word and that would have nudged it into doing the right thing.
        Interestingly the image which remained in the blog post throughout was left out of the subscriber emails as well as the reader! It then returned to the reader but obviously was too late for the emails!
        I have just published 6 images and everything seems to have worked ok today!
        Half of the problem with the new editor is that it is inconsistent. I’ve read about so many quirks experienced by users. It’s as if they didn’t put it through beta testing and are repairing it on the hoof!
        I hope all is well with you. Take care and stay safe out there…
        Best wishes
        Mr C :-)

  2. I just did a test post with a standard 800×600 format (my usual) along with one line of text and the post appeared in the Reader as normal. I didn’t have to re-edit or centre it. Another blogger who has had trouble contacted WP support and was told the image had to be selected as a ‘featured image’. I didn’t do that either! I will try another post this afternoon and see what happens. Curiouser and curiouser!

    1. Well as I said above, the test post worked but when I published a ‘proper’ post just now the image had disappeared again! I then tried centering the image and it worked!

      1. exactly what happened here… I even centered the picture before posting it manually and it did not show up in the reader… after re-editing it (re-do the centering) it worked… this is tedious… :-/

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