post modern

rostock, 2020


    1. Thank you, yes I noticed this with quite some other blogs but I did not find a pattern yet. Portrait orientation is something that the reader often neglects anyway but that it does not even show when clicked is new to me… A bit unfortunate given that I guess most followers follow via the reader… :-\

      1. That’s interesting – I didn’t know about the problems with portrait orientation. I usually post in the same format and roughly the same size. Yesterday’s image was a little smaller than usual so perhaps it had a problem with that! As you say, unfortunate as most follow via the reader, although I’ve always clicked through to the main blogs! I shall try a ‘standard’ sized post tomorrow and see what happens.

      2. umpf, it’s still happening… with a completely different format (landscape, ok… not so completely different) and more text. Because sometimes I have been under the impression that the amount of text plays into the weird behaviour of the reader but that’s probably only superstition anyway… it’s a pity

      3. Postcard Cafe made the suggestion that explicitely changing the alignment of the picture to ‘centered’ could help – and indeed it did… other than that we are still quite clueless about what’s going on here :-)

      4. Your latest image appears in the Reader! I’ve just read your thread with Postcard Cafe and it sounds like you’ve had to play around with the image to get it to show. What a fuss! I’m going to try a post today with an image in my usual format and see what happens! Thanks for your help.

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