is that all there is to a circus?

wolgast, 2020

pj harvey – is that all there is (click, hear)


  1. Nice shot 👍
    As soon as I saw the title I immediately thought of the song Is That All There Is although the version in my head is the 12″ version that I had by Christina which bought before it was withdrawn! Peel had played it a few times and it was instantly on my must puchase list. I’ve never heard the PJ Harvey version so thanks for the link 🙂
    If you are interested in the Christina version here is a link:

    Is that all there is to a comment?
    Best wishes, Mr C 🤡

    1. That’s a great comment, let’s keep dancing! ;-)
      Thanks for the pointer to the Cristina version. I was aware of her from another song which I happen to don’t remember and I can’t seem to find it anymore… but I did not know her ‘is that all there is’-version. And I really prefer PJ Harvey’s version but that’s probably just me ;-)
      Thanks a lot for the pointer!

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