another yellow square

berlin, balkonien, 2020


  1. I’ve been absent from WordPress for about a month but am back with a new series of images and enjoying catching up with the work from people I follow. The yellow squares is a great theme and naturally well executed :-)
    While away from WordPress I chanced upon a brilliant music video from Sweet Baboo. You may have already discovered Sweet Baboo in which case you will no doubt be familiar with his great videos. To make the video for Got To Hang On To You he went out and bought up as many mirrors as he could find at a car boot sale. The resulting video is a visual delight. It’s inventive, funny and wonderfully delivered after what I imagine was days if not weeks of editing! Understated genius…
    Stay safe out there
    Best wishes
    Mr C

    1. Hey Mr C! Thanks a lot for the pointer, I wasn’t aware of Sweet Baboo but you are correct in assuming that I’d like that ;-)
      Will dig through his stuff now and the video is great indeed!

      Good you’re back on WordPress!

      Stay safe yourself and thanks again!

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