postcards from antwerp

DSC08101-Bearbeitetantwerpen, belgië, 2020


  1. Peter I like your work a lot, but I often wonder why it is not reciprocal anymore like some years ago…I get the feeling you might think I became an uninteresting photographer. I am open for critics to try to improve !

    1. Hi Jiro, what does make you think that? On the contrary, I was very happy when I discovered that you were posting again on a more frequent basis. And I’ve just checked and see that I liked almost all of them. Sometimes I miss out on a post which is mostly due to the fact that I check mainly via the WordPress Reader that has (like me) its very own flaws and then there’s time or rather to few of it.
      I find your photography intriguing and I am very happy that you share it with me and the rest of the world! Keep posting and keep improving :-)
      All the best from Berlin,

      1. Hi Peter,
        Tthank you for your very kind reply…it makes me ashamed of what I wrote, I guess it is a large amount of photographic self doubt !
        But your words are very much appreciated, as are your wonderful photographs and original photographic mind/eye !
        Many thanks for your support, WordPress is a difficult for me, since very few understand my way and it expresses itself in the low amount of likes I get.
        I’ll do my best to keep posting and improving as far as still possible at my advanced age of an old man ;)

        Kind regards and thanks again, Peter !


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