regression to the mean (2019)

the remains of the year, the remains of a decade. 2019 was a strange year. on to the double twenties!

happy new year to all my friendly followers, viewing visitors and courteous commenters!

i’m glad that some people out there still visit this little blog and make the (admittedly not so huge) efforts appear worthwhile to me after all these years.

i’ve noticed on this blog’s statistics page that the amount of words in my posts is on a steady decline. i’m not writing as much as i did in earlier years here on this blog. i think that’s mainly an issue of time and of course because i’m trying to tell my stories with pictures. but nevertheless i found that somewhat disconcerting.

maybe i will start writing more about my photography, my pictures, my tools in 2020. maybe not. we’ll see. it’s a process that i’m not really enforcing but i could imagine that at least some information about tools (read: lenses and cameras and postprocessing stuff) could be of interest to at least some of you. if nothing else i know i am always interested in that kind of stuff ;-)



  1. I think the work you show through your blog has gone from strength to strength. When I visit or view your images I get a much greater sense of consistency and there is something very dependable with your photography. That sounds like a bit of a dull comment but read it in a positive way and it’s a strength and is maybe also about your personal style becoming stronger. I hope you know too that your daily posts bring a bit of inspiration and joy to this corner of Sheffield. As for the less words, I think it’s how your site has evolved and I think your images often need few words. I suspect when you started you might not have known how your blog would grow or change over time. Perhaps the whole process is quite organic but it’s important to review what it means to you and consider if or how to make changes. I like the idea of occasional bits about tools and thoughts about your work.
    Keep up your wonderful work and know that your many followers value your efforts in maintaining a daily blog…
    Very best wishes for a happy creative 2020
    Mr Cafe :-)

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback and the super encouraging comment! It’s really much appreciated. I had indeed no idea where this would lead to when i started back then in 2012.
      Let’s see what will come out of it in 2020. I have quite some stuff that I could (kind of) review and maybe some ‘making of’s’ could be interesting.
      Have a creative 2020 yourself and keep up your great work!

  2. An absolutely fantastic retrospective set.
    Your images do indeed speak for themselves.
    They speak volumes. In line and color and form and….
    ….nothing else is necessary….in my humble opinion….

    Looking forward to what your eye has in store for us in 2020.

    Peace to you and yours–

    1. Dolles Danke Dir, Daniel! Dir auch das allerbeste für 2020! Und merci für’s Feedback. Ich schau mal, ob’s mich mehr in den Tipp- oder den Auslösefingern juckt. (Ziemlich sicher letzteres ;-))
      Lieben Gruß zurück,

      1. Das ist gut so. Und das mit den Klickzahlen und comments in social media ist in den heutigen zeiten so ne sache und sollte man nicht zu ernst nehmen…

  3. Hi Peter. Love visiting your blog. We kind off use the same equipment and i like to talk about gear. But i visit your blog because i simply love Berlin and your pictures keep me in contact with my feelings towards Berlin, so…keep on posting pls! This april i will finally visit Berlin again…looking forward to it!
    Grts, Peter.

    1. Hi Peter :-)
      thanks a lot! Great to hear that my pictures do have this effect.
      April is a good time to come for sure!
      Have fun!

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