ich brauch’ tapetenwechsel

DSC00021i need a wallpaper change, berlin friedrichshain, 2018

hildegard knef – ich brauch’ tapetenwechsel (click, hear)


  1. Hi Peter, Hildegard has a very deep voice! Perfect song for your photo. I was just reading about Hildegard Von Bingen earlier today, funnily enough. It isn’t a name an English speaker comes across very often. It must be a very old name. Great that it is still in use.

      1. Interesting meaning. I bet the name will make a comeback soon. Apparently the old names in English like Edith, Ruth, Constance, Edna are coming back. (Not sure about boys names in this category.)

      2. it’s the same in germany i think. the set is different but the age of the names is similar i think (wilhelm, franz, paul…) can’t comment on the girls’ names, though :-)

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