beholding biennale

la biennale (arte) di venezia is one of the world’s largest exhibitions of contemporary art. and if this wasn’t already a good enough reason to go there it takes place in the great city of venice. after visiting documenta 14 this year in kassel we went further down to italy and had a great stay in the venetian lagoon. and of course we went off to see the biennale.

the biennale is all over the place in venice! the city is full with public art in public places (the so-called collaterals). the two main sites of the biennale are the giardini (the gardens) and the arsenale (the former giant shipyard of venice erected in the 14th century), though and you have to pay for entry there.

the following pictures are mostly from these two main sites and offer a small glimpse into the spectacular stuff that is shown there. and maybe they can even convey a little bit of the fantastic atmosphere.

the biennale is ongoing until the 26th of november 2017, so there’s still almost a month to go.

otherwise see you there in 2019 :)


  1. Did you see the installations on the Canal Grande?
    The swimmers gave me the creeps, they looked so real… especially the one sitting up, holding her knee.

    1. i’ve only seen the hands supporting that palazzo. maybe i’ll add a picture to the gallery. were there more installations at the canal grande? i guess i must have missed them then.
      the swimmers were very impressive and yes, maybe a bit eerie :-)

      1. Ah, yes, the Hirst sculptures. I’ve seen them and I’ve taken some pictures but I did not really like them a lot. But I forgot to include the golden tower in the set. That one I liked a lot (but I featured it here some weeks ago already, maybe that’s why I overlooked it now) :-)

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