if one door closes

DSC03387this one doesn’t care

berlin mitte, 2017


    1. thanks a lot, Jiro! it was a very interesting visit to this empty house in the center of berlin and there probably will be some more pictures but i think this here was definitely one of the highlights.

  1. I almost wrote, “I love the simplicity of this.” Then I kept looking. It’s not a simple image at all. But it’s very clean, precise. Maybe that’s what I love about it, besides the colors and patterns and little imperfect details.

    1. i am going to take this as a compliment and assume it has to do with the soft light that came through the large windows there.
      thanks a lot! :)

      (not so long ago a certain painterly quality could be attributed to high-iso digital shots that looked a bit like water colour paintings due to smearing :))

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