the weather’s fine

DSC05155documenta 14, kassel, germany 2017

tocotronic – the weather’s fine (click, hear)


    1. Brilliant lens, I really like it a lot. Very light and quite small. Fast and reliable auto focus (very different to the sony 50mm), nice bokeh and I really like the angle of view of the 35mm. I got it from last when it wasn’t widely available four weeks ago :-)

  1. Haha, i always read tags :) Important info there.
    About the SY. I never had a 35mm focal length before so i have to get used to it. But it is really light indeed. Look sharp form 2.8 on and f8 is very sharp. What i do think is that is a bit clinical, but then i love the shortcomings of newer lenses sometimes.
    But i do think i will keep it, so small. Do wish for a lens profile for adobe and Capture One.


      1. For adobe yes, but for capture one pro 10 which i love to work with on my A7R files there is no SY profile available to my knowledge.
        Maybe they will add it to someday.

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