at giza

P3214411paris, france, 2017

om – at giza (click, hear)


  1. The little title on the lower left corner in Reader says At Giza. With the fella in the foreground I wondered if it should be Geezer at Giza?
    On a different note, I like the shot and I can imagine that it wasn’t easy capturing the view without many people in the shot. I like the geezer taking the photo in the foreground.
    I will give the OM video/music a listen later. Do you remember the stickers and poster that came with Dark Side of The Moon? They had the pyramids on them! I’m sure they would also be very collectable now.
    Cheers, Mr C :-)

    1. the photographer in the foreground really helped the shot to be a shot. i think i would not have posted it without the person in it. actually it was probably only an apropos for the french elections :)
      have you tried the om song?
      i think everything that fell out of a original pink floyd lp once is now very collectable… i think i never had the pleasure :)

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