three windows

pc273104detail of a former gas station in venlo, the netherlands, december 2016

it’s apparently not simply one former gas station but in fact the oldest still existing gas station building in the whole of the netherlands. it was built in 1933, is now part of the limburgs museum and can be rented as a meeting room.

modern jazz quartet – three windows (click, hear)



  1. Greart picture of a very interesting building. I lthought it possibly been designed by the Dutch architect Willem Dudok, but apperently it wasn’t. Dudok díd design gas stations though, in the early fiftees. The one he drew for Esso in Groningen is still use as gas station (Now Bim) You might want to google a picture of it. You will like it :-)

    1. bedankt, Peter. while doing my research on the building i came up with Willem Dudok, too, but like you, i’m quite sure it’s not designed by him. this one is twenty years before the other ones he did for esso and the station in venlo also was an esso one. i actually don’t believe that they hired him twice with such a great timely distance. but what do i know?!
      i’ve seen the gas station in Groningen and i liked it indeed. i like the transparency and delicacy achieved by the use of a lot of glass very much. (i include the link to wikipedia for further reference: )

  2. A very striking image that, even though only three colors, would not work quite as well in b &w! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Emilio! I’m quite sure that it would be a completely different thing in black and white but I think it could work, too, because of the graphical nature. But being a colour photographer I haven’t thought about this before. I think I’ll give it a spin :)

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