oh buoy

pc283256niederrhein, december 2016


      1. I suspected your reference wasn’t taken from the blokes with mad green suits! :-)
        I took a look at the film preview on the link you sent. It looks like it is beautifully shot and I am now intrigued enough to want to see it!
        I’ve had a look online but most copies of the DVD are not region 2 or are Italian without English subtitles. Do you happen to know if the film is available on DVD with English subtitles and which is also Region 2? I realise that’s a lot of questions but if you should know the answers I may extend my search. If it is available in the format I require, might you know the EAN number? The EAN would help if I extend my search overseas…! Any help would be gratefully received… Cheers

      2. oh, i hear you… i haven’t found a region 2 dvd with english subtitles either :(
        that’s really strange (and a pity, too!). i’m afraid i can’t be of any further assistance and i’m sorry that i hinted you in the direction of this film. it’s really beautifully filmed…
        i’ll keep my eyes open though and will ask some of my colleagues. maybe they have an idea.

      3. It’s a real shame that it doesn’t appear to be on Region 2 with English subtitles. Having said that it might be that there just isn’t the market in the UK for such films. I remember hearing Ken Loach in a Q&A say that his films are generally better received in France than they are in the UK. Many of his films get a broader release in continental Europe. While Oh Boy is obviously a very different film from those that Ken makes I think his comments illustrate how there can be great differences in how films are received in different countries. Ultimately film distributors make decisions based on returns and while it is a shame something like Oh Boy isn’t available with English subtitles it is understandable.
        I will however keep an eye out in case and should you hear anything then do let me know. Thanks and best wishes, Mr C

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