back to the future

here are some of my favourite shots from the last twelve months. i’m really happy that on the one hand i’m still liking most of my pictures and that i’m on the other hand really annoyed by some of them. i hope this signifies some kind of development and hopefully for the better :)

photographically it was a very good year with a lot of opportunities and i was quite well prepared for some of them. i guess my personal photography related highlight was my very first exhibition (that is still running until the end of february) at freiluftgalerie berlin. but probably it was scout niblett asking me via flickr whether she could use my picture of her performing in berlin (see above) for some show announcements in the summer! i was really happy about this… i can’t decide.

thanks a lot to all you posting photographers, friendly followers, following friends and likable likers. without you it would be at most half the fun!

a happy new year to all of you!


  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog a lot, and what I always find the best is that you get the ordinary and make it noticeable. Bits and pieces of this or that, an ironic perspective or humorous view. Keep up the entertainment and have a wonderful year! – N

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words! I’m really glad when my stuff resonates with people and that my attempts at humour are not yet annoying :)
      Have yourself a wonderful year, too!

  2. brilliant collection, love the way you use colors, shapes and shadows to give urban fragments such distinctive character!! yey for your first exhibition as well :) happy new year!!

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