odd shadow out

p3041280moabit, berlin, 2016


  1. This is a great shot.
    I’m interested to know how you managed to get the whole image to show in the Worpress Reader while the rest of us are having images randomly cropped by the recent changes! Any suggestions on how to overcome the cropping would be very much appreciated? Cheers, Mr C :-)

    1. Hi Nigel, I’m afraid I was only lucky regarding the reader. I really don’t get this change at all. It’s really deteriorating the experience (at least if one is interested in photographers and photographies). So I haven’t done anything special and I think my next post will probably be cropped, too.
      Nevertheless, happy holidays!
      Best, Peter

  2. I’m a little disgruntled by the way Reader crops images. I agree with your comments and it appears WordPress have prioritised speed of use over the quality of the way content is presented…. I’ll not bang on about it here.
    Instead I’ll take the opportunity to send you the best of seasonal greetings and wish you a very happy and creative 2017 :-) Cheers….

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