two horses

pa141215a citroën 2cv in berlin moabit, october 2016


    1. i’ve never had the pleasure to drive a 2cv myself. i sat in one once but that is quite some time ago. did you know we call the 2cv ‘ente’ (duck) in germany? i’ve always been more of a ‘käfer’ (beetle) guy and had two of them but that’s a long time ago, too :)
      you usually don’t need a car in berlin.
      the truckette is a marvel! i’m always smiling when i see one.
      have a nice sunday!

      1. Thank you for your reply. The 2CV was always fun to drive. I would rally in mine with other member of the San Francisco Bay Area Citroen club.
        I too have owned beetles.
        There are very few 2cvs in the area where I live in Northern California.
        Again, thank you for the response and the photographs.
        I hope you have a pleasant week.

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