the well

dsc04528tübingen, 2016

“i guess everybody has their own thing that they yell into a well”

the brilliant bill callahan – the well (click, hear) – a “bill callahan” live version of the original “smog” song from the 2010 album rough travel for a rare thing


    1. thanks for the love! and what a pity that you did not like the song! that’s expecially sad since you are the only one who has clicked the link yet ;-)

      i’d say the song is at least well-received. it’s usually not playing on the radio i think. but i have to admit that bill callahan could sing from the phone book and i’d buy the record nevertheless- i really like his voice. but then again i usually appreciate his lyrics a lot, too. i’d say he is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our times. now that that’s out of the way i hope you like the next song that i link with a picture a bit better :)

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