is that all there is

to a fire?

to a fire?

to a circus?

to a circus?

to love?

to love?

by special request of fellow blogger Ashley Lily Scarlett.

p.j. harvey’s version of ‘is that all there is’ (click, hear) 


  1. Great set of images to go with a great song.
    I had no idea PJ Harvey had covered it. I really enjoyed seeing her video and hearing her version. My first encounter with the song was on a 12″ that I bought many moons ago by Christina. Almost as soon as it was released it was withdrawn for legal reasons and disappeared into obscurity and of course became highly collectable.
    If you want to hear the Christina version here is the link…
    The Peggy Lee version is also worth a spin:
    Keep on with the song titles to your posts… :-)
    Thanks and best wishes, Mr C

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