tribute to a bus


what a nice surprise! returning from pfaueninsel with a vintage 1964 double-decker bus* operated by the bvg. this is the upper deck.

*for the more technically inclined it was a model D2U made by Büssing


  1. It’s a good photograph and an interesting subject. There are no seats at all on the upper deck? I don’t like standing on buses here (Korea) because the drivers are rough on the stick and the brake.

    1. thanks, Marcus. to clarify this issue: of course there are seats in the upper deck. they just happen to be aligned to the right and leave an aisle on the left. the bus was packed with people and i try to omit people usually from my pictures :)
      it would be absolutely impossible to have a double decker bus without seats in berlin for the same reasons that you mention for korea :)

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