guardi (look!)

back from venice. more to come…

(and if i’m not mistaken ‘guardi’ is the more formal imperative of guardare and means ‘look!’)


  1. Ah, Sony again, this time the 50 1.4. I am looking into the 50 1.4 zuiko. I use the little sister, 1.8 50mm. You think it’s worth the upgrade finding the last version of the 1.4? Maybe a little tip, the 28 f3.5 is small cheap and performs excellent for the value!
    It’s great to see that you use the Olympus and Sony side by side. More or less i do the same!
    (Nikon gear is being sold, just some old glass will stay i guess).

    1. hoi peter, i am still not sure whether the f1.4 is really necessary. i’ve got the f1.8, too and i am planning on doing a little shoot out between the two lenses. but so little time… my copy of the 1.4 has some problems with its helicoid though, so maybe it won’t be really fair. my impression at the moment is that the 1.4 is really tricky to use wide open whereas the 1.8 is a quite robust performer already at f1.8. but as i said, tests have to be conducted.
      i have a 28mm f2.8 macro made by mitakon in om mount that’s quite usable. but i’ll have a look at the olympus 28mm. thanks!

      1. the more i look at the picture (and the surrounding ones on my hard drive) the more i think it probably was the 100mm and not the 50mm that i took this picture with :)

  2. Haha, sometimes having no exif can create mistakes, i usually take a picture of my bag after switching so i can remember. Anyways, we can conclude that the old olympus Zuiko glass works like a charm on the Sony alpha’s. The purple and green ca is easily removed in post proces, i think both the 50 and 100 mm suffer from that effect, especially wide open.
    Just wish my A7R had ibis, maybe the rumored a7rii will be here soon and might be good for users with older glass.

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