i like yellow things

i like yellow thingsdelft, the netherlands, summer 2014

if you like yellow things, too,  you should definitely give a listen to Tiel Faulkner’s song about it (click, hear). the song is from the very impressive ‘american song-poem anthology’  that sports a lot of very interesting songs from the sixties and early seventies that had small to no audience in their respective times. be warned however because allmusic.com states the record will ‘appeal more to hipster know-it-alls than the average consumer‘.

q.e.d. :)



  1. I thought I was the only person who had that album…! I bought it a few years ago on CD and still have it! I uploaded it to my computer. It’s always interesting when I have songs on shuffle and one from the anthology pops up! Perhaps I’m a hipster know it all and never knew it.
    I used to think I was a hipster know it all years ago when I was a music snob and only bought music on certain labels (but I grew out of that phase). I suspect allmusic.com have made a mistake and what they meant to say was it will appeal more to people who have a natural sense of curiosity….
    Oh yes, I enjoyed your photograph too…. I like that each of the yellow subjects are wearing some rather sporty black accessories. Great stuff… :-)

    1. interesting. i thought i was the only person who had it… :)
      i learned about this record on an adam green concert quite a while (10 years???) ago and had to do a bit of lyrics googling to find the name of the album. i think ‘jimmy carter says yes’ and ‘how long are you staying’ (disco disco disco i am going to mount kisco) were my favourites back then and really helped in finding the album. how did you find out about this record?

      thanks a lot for pointing out the black accessories on the yellow subjects. i have to admit i failed in consciously noticing this before but i really like that you did.

      all the best,

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